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Ficus Benjamina 'variegated' - 5" Hydro Planter


Ficus Benjamina 'variegated' - 5" Hydro Planter


Product Description

'Ficus Benjamina 'variegated'

Quick Facts
Name: Ficus Benjamina 'variegated'
Height: 10-12"
Width: 8-10"
Growth Rate: Depends on light level
Care Rating: EASY

Ficus trees, or weeping fig, are popular house plants but their biggest drawback is they drop their leaves at the slightest inconvenience.

Times have changed! We grow a new hybrid version of Ficus that aren't temporamental. Combine that with the benefits of growing with our hydroponic system and you have a completely different plant!

High light plants (like Ficus Benjamina) can drink copious amounts of water during their growing season. With traditional growing methods, if you miss on your watering schedule, the plant will quickly drop its leaves because the roots dried out.

That puts you on a regular watering schedule that can't be missed! 

Growing Ficus is easy with our hydroponic system! A reservoir at the bottom of the pot stores water and nutrients that the plant will use as needed. No more worries about watering!  

Hydroponic Advantage:

1. A water gauge tells you when and how much to water.

water gauge

2. LECA pebbles replace soil, and wick moisture and nutrients up to the plant as needed. Because they're ceramic, they will never rot or decay - and that means healthy roots.



Price includes:
        Plant, Grow Pot, Water Gauge, and Decorative Outer Pot


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